Analytics Managment

Apollo Demo FAQ

Common questions raised during demos and webinars.
Answers to your questions about the new Apollo Analytics Management System.

Analytics Implementation Paradigm Shift

Why the analytics industry needs a paradigm shift when it comes to analytics implementations
Change is finally coming to the way we manage implementations.

Making the case for analytics management systems.

What does an analytics management system do, and what does it look like?

Standardized Analytics Implementations

Why the industry needs to move from custom to standardized analytics implementations

Building custom cars as an analogy for building analytics implementations.

We need to move out of the custom phase, just like the car industry moved to a more efficient approach.

The Analytics Industry Struggle

How to overcome the struggle with digital analytics.

Advice and approaches to getting the most out of digital analytics.

There are key events within each digital analytics implementation that determine failure and success. Here are some practical ways to increase digital analytics implementation success.
Traditional data table formats can be overwhelming, but conditional formatting with colors in Domo helps highlight what’s important. Here are 3 steps for how to make a digestible, colorful data table.
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