Apollo and Adobe Analytics

Rapidly deploy and manage Adobe Analytics.

The Apollo platform is deeply integrated with Adobe Analytics implementations. Plus, Apollo is Adobe certified for seamless migrations to the new version of Adobe Analytics.
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New to Adobe Analytics?

If you’re just getting started with or transitioning to an Adobe Analytics implementation, Apollo helps you build a best-in-class implementation ASAP.
Pre-defined set of business requirements
Solution designs
Tagging automation tools
Easy maintenance Automated enhancements


Need an Adobe Analytics re-implementation because yours is outdated, stagnant, or underperforming? Apollo lets you easily improve your implementation.

Import your existing variable assignments

Complement it with best-practice business requirements

Automatically deploy to your tag manager, analytics tool, and more

Automate your processes for continual, dynamic improvement

Planning for the Future?

If you are looking to move to Adobe Experience Platform, Apollo is designed today to serve that future need. Apollo will enable you to:

Design for AEP and XDM via Business Requirements

Migrate to an XDM-compliant event-driven data layer

Enable a seamless transition without having to understand its complexities

Speed up your time to implement AEP while ensuring a best-practice implementation

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