Why Apollo?

Start with best practices. Maintain with ease.

Apollo infuses your analytics environment with built-in best practices collected over two decades and thousands of implementations, and then it automates and streamlines ongoing maintenance. It’s your best implementation made easy.

Best Practices

Do you have an outdated or underperforming analytics program?

Apollo delivers thousands of best practice business requirements, so anyone can have a world-class implementation. Plus, Apollo streamlines and programatically updates all the manual activities you’ve had to do in the past to keep your implementation current.

Got enough internal expertise and training?

Analytics professionals are in high demand and their average company tenure is just eighteen months. Apollo provides automated solution designs, data layer documentation, calculated metrics & dashboard, so you can manage your analytics program with fewer people and with less tool-specific expertise.

Has turnover impacted who knows what in your analytics environment?

Apollo ensures your implementation is always documented. And since it provides best practice solutions, you don’t need to hire consultants or costly analytics tool certified employees.

Analytics Management

How much do you trust your analytics data quality?

If you can’t trust the data in your analytics tool, your organization is wasting its digital analytics investment. Apollo verifies that the data being sent to your analytics tool is accurate, and, if it isn’t, Apollo proactively identifies which critical business questions can no longer be answered.

Is your implementation difficult to maintain when new business questions arise?

Analytics implementation should not be done on a periodic basis. Since new business questions can arise at any time, your team needs to be agile and speedy. Apollo is the only tool available that allows you to go from question to code to reports as fast as you would like.

Apollo Makes a Splash at Summit 2021

Apollo changes everything.