Apollo for Partners

Happier Clients Through Better Performing Analytics.

Apollo is a first-of-its-kind solution that simplifies many laborious tasks associated with managing your clients’ analytics implementations. Apollo streamlines ongoing implementation management, helping organizations get more value from their investment in digital analytics.

Managing your Clients’ Analytics Implementations
is Unnecessarily Difficult.

Clients turn to agency partners like you to help them navigate the complexities of implementing and maintaining digital analytics implementations. They expect you to spend your time answering their critical business questions, not just managing the implementation to keep it running. Digital analytics agencies have several challenges to navigate:
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Digital analytics implementations can take months and changes can take days. Apollo can speed implementations to weeks and updates to minutes.
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Ongoing Effort

The process for implementing and maintaining digital analytics tools and verifying data quality is manual, time-consuming, and it hasn’t changed in several decades. Apollo represents a paradigm shift toward automation and ease.
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Your team members have varying degrees of expertise, but you want to deliver consistent, high-quality service to all your customers.
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Custom Implementations

Today, most digital analytics implementations are 100% custom. Apollo enables reusability, which can increase throughput and margins.
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Acquiring senior-level and certified analytics experts is expensive and competitive!
Apollo resolves your clients’ implementation challenges while providing significant advantages for agency partners that manage their analytics programs.

How Apollo Benefits Agency Partners

Apollo provides significant value to agency partners in addition to the value it provides to end clients:

Higher-Value Servicing

Apollo enables you to provide a better quality digital analytics implementation in half the time, so you spend less time managing analytics and more time answering your clients’ critical business questions. Apollo increases your service value, which ultimately leads to new streams of work.

Speed of Delivery

Apollo provides a more automated method of implementing digital analytics tools. This means your team members spend less time manually writing data layers, tagging specifications, or providing manual quality assurance checks while delivering greater value to your client.

Shared Best Practices

Apollo provides digital analytics implementation best practices across a range of industries so you can be assured that every client is getting the same quality deliverables, even when serviced by different teams with varying degrees of expertise.


Apollo empowers you to create your own proprietary, branded requirements, dashboards, metrics, segments, and machine learning algorithms that are only accessible by your organization and your clients. Speed-to-market will also set your proposal apart from others that continue to manage their implementations the hard way and take three times as long to produce the same work.

Quality Assurance

Apollo provides a complete toolset of data quality features that helps ensure that the data your team is providing is accurate and error-free.

Happier Clients

All because of you and the time you now spend bringing actionable insights to their mission and business questions instead of managing their analytics implementation.

Learn More About How Apollo Helps

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