Solution Architecture/Design

What is Solution Architecture/Design?

Solution architecture is the art/science of figuring out the best way to structure and implement the data needed by the business with your chosen digital analytics tool.

Common Challenges

The ante is high. To be a good solution architect, you often need to have years of experience and/or know your digital analytics tool inside and out. This could mean paying for expensive outside consultants or paying more to hire “certified” architects.

Each analytics tool has its unique set of features and functions that implementation architects have to learn and use to get accurate data. For Adobe Analytics customers, that may mean learning things like Success Events, eVars, sProps, Merchandising, etc. For Google Analytics customers, there is a completely different set of terms and features to understand.

Solution architecture is always evolving. Since organizations should be continuously enhancing their analytics implementation each week/month, solution architecture isn’t a one-time exercise. Your organization should be agile enough to have new questions arise and then produce data for those questions within days, not months.

How Pre-built Solution Designs Work in Apollo

Apollo incorporates the best practice solutions from over twenty years of digital analytics implementations.

In Apollo, each business requirement has an associated solution design for each digital analytics tool. For example, let’s say you have a business requirement such as “How many onsite searches take place and for which search phrases?” It’s possible to identify the “best-practice” solution design for this business requirement in Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. Once that solution has been identified, it can be associated with the business requirement in a way that every organization selecting that requirement will automatically get the best-practice solution design.

Apollo offers best-practice solution designs for built-in business requirements. The simple act of selecting business requirements automatically configures the solution design. This means that every analytics implementation is designed by the best thinking in the industry. The Apollo product has over 1,000 business requirements, and every requirement has a solution design created by an expert team at Search Discovery.

What does this mean for your business?



Apollo can make fewer resources much more scalable. Since Apollo can have as much as 90% of the solutions you will ever need at your fingertips, your organization can take ownership of its digital analytics implementation.

Increased speed

When new business requirements arise, the solution architecture process can be a bottleneck. The business wants data to answer a burning question and the developers may be available to tag the site/app, but without Apollo, the solution architect (internal or external) can slow things down by requiring time to understand what is needed, think about the best solution, and communicate it to the developers.


Apollo empowers your organization to respond quickly to new business questions. You can go from question to data in a matter of days vs. months by leveraging all of Apollo’s automation capabilities and pre-built business requirements and solution designs.

Savings and Quality

It’s no longer necessary to throw resources at manually architecting solutions. Apollo offers true best-practice solution designs that are directly associated with business requirements. This means that your organization can save time and money by leveraging reusable solutions created by industry-leading experts.

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