Rusty Rahmer, GSK

“Apollo is the solution the industry has been waiting for since tag management solutions were invented. It is the answer to managing analytics implementations from design, requirements, deployment, publishing, and reporting. Simple, consolidated, end-to-end management, and visibility of the full lifecycle and value chain of your digital analytics data at an enterprise level.”
Rusty Rahmer, GSK
Erin Vorhies, Alterra Mountain Company
“Apollo is a complete game changer! It solves the gap between the analytics team and the development team. Today, it can take weeks for handoffs between these teams, but Apollo has the potential to automate this process and drastically reduce the time it takes to get the data we need.”

Christel Guidon, NortonLifeLock

“Apollo is an amazing tool that can help you streamline the management of Adobe Analytics in a single place. This creates a single place for implementation, admin tasks, code, QA, and documentation. It greatly reduces the number of tasks that come with managing Adobe Analytics so that you can focus on data and insights, while reducing the number of errors that can occur. Apollo is very concise, detailed and rich, yet friendly to use. I highly recommend this tool to both new and existing customers of Adobe Analytics”
Christel Guidon, NortonLifeLock
Craig Scribner, Claravine Founder/CEO Emeritus
“As an Adobe Analytics expert, I would typically spend a month or more crafting, QAing, and deploying data collection across a site…and that was fast because I wrote all the custom code myself. That month’s work can now be done (and done better) with Apollo in a matter of days or even hours, so I’m thinking that many of my skills will soon become obsolete…and good riddance! Finally, analysts like me can fix our sights on the business paths illuminated by data’s light, rather than be forever fiddling with the fixtures.”
Frederik Werner, DHL
“Apollo might be the biggest game-changer we will see for years. It allows us to use the best analytics product available in a true and proven way. Now there is no barrier for smaller companies to play with the big guys.”

Apollo Makes a Splash at Summit 2021

Apollo changes everything.