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Business Requirements Definition

Map Existing Implementation

Learn how you can import your existing analytics implementation into Apollo and see what business questions you can answer.

Implement New Business Requirements

See how quickly you can implement new items to your digital analytics implementation using Apollo.

Business Requirement Templates

Check out this cool new Apollo feature – Business Requirement Templates!

Filtering Business Requirements

Learn how to filter business requirements by vertical and site feature in Apollo.

Event Attributes

Learn how to add Apollo event attributes.

Assign Custom Variables

Learn how to assign custom variables in Apollo.

Data Layer & Apollo Connectivity

Dynamic Data Layer

Learn how Apollo can dynamically build out your data layer and tagging specifications.

Update Administration Settings

Learn how Apollo can automatically update your variable settings in your analytics tool.


Learn how Apollo’s interconnectivity helps you manage and streamline your analytics implementation.

Deployment & QA

Tag Management System Deployment

See how easily Apollo can deploy your digital analytics implementation to your tag management system.

QA Data Layer Validation

Learn how Apollo can help you validate that developers are correctly populating the analytics data layer.

QA Analytics Beacon Validation

Learn how Apollo can validate that your digital analytics beacon code is correct to avoid data quality issues.

QA Business Compliance Test Cases

Learn how to build test cases in Apollo to validate specific data values.

Dashboards & Metrics

Calculated Metrics

Learn how to add new best-practice calculated metrics to your analytics product from Apollo.


Learn how to Apollo can automatically create dashboards for your analytics implementation.

Custom Dashboards

Use Apollo to create customizable dashboards for your analytics users.


AEP XDM Migration

Learn how you can transition your current Adobe Analytics implementation to AEP/XDM in minutes using Apollo.

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