Learn How Apollo Can Help Improve Your Adobe Analytics Implementation at Adobe Summit!

See how the new Apollo platform can improve your Adobe Analytics implementation.

It’s hard to believe that this year will be my seventeenth consecutive Adobe Summit! I have always tracked it by the age of my youngest son, who is now heading off to college! I think the first Adobe Summit I attended had about 150 people! Things have certainly come a long way!

This year, like last year, the Adobe Summit will be virtual due to the pandemic. This is unfortunate since part of the fun of Adobe Summit is reconnecting with old clients and co-workers. But on the plus side, Adobe Summit is now free! That means more people can take advantage of the great learning opportunities offered at Adobe Summit.

I have been fortunate enough to present at many Adobe Summits, and I’ll share content once again this year. In the past, I have used my Summit presentations to share practical tips and tricks related to Adobe Analytics from my blog posts and book.

But this year, I will be letting some of the new rockstars take over for me in this area. As many of you know, I have been working on a new product called Apollo that serves as an analytics management system. The Apollo product helps improve and manage many of the aspects of an Adobe Analytics implementation. Apollo is a software manifestation of many of the principles that industry leaders and I have espoused over the years:

In some respects, Apollo represents Adobe Analytics implementation as a service instead of people having to come to folks like me for consulting services continually!

This year, at my Adobe Summit session, I’ll share some of the pervasive issues I see in Adobe Analytics implementations and demonstrate how our new Apollo product can address those issues. Instead of talking about it theoretically, I’m simply going to show you how an organization would use Apollo to improve and manage its implementation.

Future-proofing your Adobe Analytics Implementation
Another topic I hear a lot about is the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and the new Experience Data Model (XDM) used to send data to AEP. The idea of modifying or updating an existing Adobe Analytics implementation to use the new AEP Web SDK and XDM has spooked many Adobe Analytics folks! So, in my Summit presentation, I will also demonstrate how you can use Apollo to migrate your Adobe Analytics implementation to the AEP Web SDK and XDM in just a few minutes!

If you want to check out my Adobe Summit session, you can register for it in the Adobe Summit session catalog (I believe an Adobe login ID is required). There will be a live Q&A during the session as well. Here is the session number and name and a more detailed description: